Programs & Registration

Level 1 – Basic level

Student’s learn the basic of drawing with keeping shapes in mind. All students begin in drawing where I guide them through a customized introduction to drawing techniques and materials. Students learn the basics of drawing method and how to use light and shadow to represent form.

Course material

  • Drawing pad
  • Graphite pencils set
  • Kneaded-eraser
  • Eraser

Level 2 – Intermediate Level

Once student’s master in basic level they learn to explore with oil pastels and color pencils. They learn blending and mixing of oil pastel and color pencil to create a master piece.

Course material

  • Mix Media Book
  • Oil pastels
  • Prisma color Pencil

Level 3 – Advanced level

Paintings in Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil paint make our advanced curriculum. Once students develop some proficiency in drawing for their age and skill level, they move on to an introductory study of painting. We begin each medium with exercises that offer students a chance to explore mixing and matching color, and working with the medium. Students will learn about use and care of materials, as well as terminology specific to each medium and painting process along the way. Throughout the painting courses, we offer the widest range of technical experience while considering each student’s abilities and supporting his or her interests.

Ultimately students gain a solid working knowledge of each medium and an understanding of its breadth.

Course material

  • Water Color Book
  • Water color Set
  • Water Color brushes

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